Our Urban Farm is central to our strategy to promote wellbeing and to reinforce learning across the curriculum. Our KS2 children apply to become farmers & stewards of creation, managing elements of our farm.

Farm Manager: Mr Chris Simpson

We are members of the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens.

Our city farm is an integral part of our strategy to reinforce communication skills, and to promote our vision of stewardship. It is the ‘silent’ teaching assistant for every class, and the venue for much of our forest school activity.

The Room2Grow farmyard is home to our allotment beds, greenhouse, outdoor classroom, peace plot, sensory garden, habitat, the coop, croft and pond-dipping areas. The pavilion-barn covers an outdoor piano, used for tinkering at break-times, and the whole space is home to our sheep, goats, cats, rabbits, guinea-pigs, chickens, Muscovy ducks, Indian Runner ducks & call ducks.

Our animals are cared for by our Farmers & Stewards of Creation – KS2  children trained to take a leading role in helping us care for our common home, entrusted to us by our Father, Creator God.

The Pen, adjacent to the WORKSHOP, is home to our chickens, call ducks and Muscovy ducklings. The workshop is a practical working space for children working in our oLé groups. It contains an octagonal workbench, kiln and children’s tools.

The oLé area, behind a living-willow fence, has a fire-pit and gathering circle – a place where bread is baked, fish is cooked, wolf-soup is made, and memories created… We make our own charcoal from harvested willow, become Robin Hood and the Amesbury Archer, whittle, play team games and sing…



Structured Programmes:

Willow Wanderers & oLé: Outdoor Learning Environment groups, linking story-telling to practical outdoor learning, runs throughout the year for groups of children, led by our forest schools practitioners.

ECO-DAYS: These days, to reinforce our EARTH code, run periodically for each class.

‘be… environmental’ Room2Grow Lunchtimes: Every lunchtime is an opportunity to learn outdoors – whether it be Weaving Wednesday or Fishy Friday…


Our city farm is home to a range of animals, and a place to grow crops, which helps us appreciate one aspect of the reality of stewardship which Pope Francis reminds us must be taken seriously…

It is the context for much of our learning across the curriculum which can be taken outdoors. We aim to take at least one lesson each week outdoors to maximise learning opportunity and promote problem solving.