We celebrate Safer Internet Day every year – but for us every day is a safer internet day! Our Computing curriculum revisits safe online behaviours on a regular basis…

Our online & e-safety champion is Mr Ben Tipton.

Advice from Dr Linda Papadopoulos #SID

In an evergrowing digital world, e-safety is a fundamental part of children’s education and is embedded within their learning in school. We aim to support parents and children with their understanding of e-safety so that the internet and other forms of digital media are used in a safe and secure way. Our school system is managed by Bolton Schools ICT, and we employ the services of an onsite techncian in order to keep our services up to date and safe. Bolton SICT ensure that our internet is filtered to minimise the risk of inappropriate content.

To ensure that your children are safe online we recommend that you do the following:

  • Set filters on your computer;
  • Talk to child about not giving out their personal details online;
  • Place the computer in a main room of your house so you can oversee what they are looking at;
  • Regularly check their search history to see which sites they have been on.

A free App, NetAware, is suggested for mobile phones: NSPCC have teamed up with O2 and designed a free app for mobile devices, NetAware. It is a simple guide for parents to the most popular social networks, apps and games. Learn about the privacy settings and safety guidelines for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. You can also read up-to-date reviews from parents and children for each app, game and social network.

Key features:
• Minimum age rating for each social network, app and game;
• Parent and child views on how easy it is to sign up, report abuse and adjust privacy settings;
• What people are saying about the top 50 most popular social networks, apps and games;
• Find out how likely your child is to come across inappropriate content.

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