International Focus

Our international focus involves many events throughout the school year, across the school.  Mr Clarke is our International Lead in school…

Dear International Co-ordinator,

Thank you for submitting your International School Award Reaccreditation Impact Evaluation. We are delighted to inform you that it has been approved by our assessors. Congratulations!

Your school is hereby reaccredited from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2022. To ensure that there is no gap in your accreditation, you will need to submit your next action plan for reaccreditation in just over 2 years. The actual deadline will be announced on our website nearer the time.

Here are the assessor’s comments on your Impact Evaluation, to highlight where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:

“Sacred Heart RC Primary School Assessment Sacred Heart RC Primary School, a school that has clearly embedded the international dimension in its curriculum, has been successful in its application for Reaccreditation of the International School Award. Well done! You have produced 13 international activities that were spread out across the academic year 2018-19, involved all year groups in one or more of them and contained a wide range of subject areas. I am pleased to see that you acted on issues raised about some of your activities by the assessor of your Action Plan. You did this in various ways, e.g by developing different sections within activities, removing 2 activities and adding 2 new ones. You successfully adapted Activity 10, now named ‘Visit from Jeppe’, to transform a previously ineligible activity about fundraising, into an eligible one, by linking it to ly themed curriculum-based work in the classroom. You have met the criteria of having the requisite 3 collaborative activities with partner schools abroad, which are covered by the interesting Activities 3 ‘Comparing and Contrasting the Banking industries in India and the UK’, 8 ‘Where would you rather live? England or Africa’, 12 ‘Solid Waste Management Project’ and 13 ‘Healthy Eating – Becoming a responsible human being’. I particularly like how in Activity 3 pupils, apart from having the misconception dispelled that ‘the banking industry in India would be poorer than our own’, gained a valuable insight into real life applications, e.g. percentages for interest rates, of the skills in Maths and Computing they learn in the curriculum. The compulsory language activity, in which pupils must be shown learning a foreign language and about the culture of its country, is Activity 2 ‘Y5 Residential Trip to France’, though ‘language’ is missing from the subject area. The activity would also have been improved, as suggested in the Action Plan feedback, but I guess missed, by describing how learning outcomes were disseminated to pupils who did not participate in the trip. The ‘Evaluation’ sections of your application are robust, though, for future reference, it would enhance ‘Impact on Teachers’ if you referred to the benefits of international work on teachers’ CPD, and ‘Support for other schools’ if you mentioned help with the International School Award in particular. I notice that ‘References / plans of international strategy’ at the start of the application has not been completed, but, fortunately, elements that could have been included in it appear in parts of ‘Evaluation’, e.g. about your SIDP. As for your future plans, it is great to hear that you are interested in the British Council Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme, and will be putting an ‘International’ tab on your website, which is a simple, yet effective way of promoting your international work and the International School Award to the local and wider community. Congratulations on your success in achieving Reaccreditation of the International School Award in the year that marks 20 years since the scheme began in 1999! ”

Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as an International Co-ordinator! You are a credit to the school and the wider community.

We will be printing certificates of achievement. If the name of your school or your head teacher has changed since you submitted your action plan then please inform us at in the next two weeks to ensure we have the correct information for your certificate of achievement. You will soon be invited to attend an award ceremony where you will receive your certificate and will celebrate your success with other international coordinators and The British Council. If you are unable to attend, please inform us and we will post the certificate to the school.

The scheme mark, which is a key part of the Award, and press release template will be sent with a separate email.

We hope that the scope of your excellent international activities will continue to develop and benefit the school community; your support, commitment, creativity and innovative international work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking part in the International School Award. Please convey our very best wishes and many congratulations to all staff and students both in the UK and overseas who have taken part in the scheme. Please also contact your local media to inform them about your successful international work – this is a great achievement and one that deserves celebrating and sharing widely.

We wish you the best as you continue with your international journey.

Kind regards,

The International School Award team British Council

Dear International Coordinator,

Many congratulations again on your school being re-accredited with the International School Award 2016 – 2019. It is testament to your whole school commitment to embedding a rich and creative range of international work, and it’s important that your outstanding achievement in the International School Award is shared and celebrated widely in recognition of your work to bring the world into the classroom.

The International School Award is a badge of honour for schools that do outstanding work in international education, such as through links with partner schools overseas. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need to live and work as global citizens.

John Rolfe, from the British Council, said: ‘The school’s fantastic international work has rightfully earned it this prestigious award. The International School Award is a great chance for schools to demonstrate the important work they’re doing to bring the world into their classrooms. Adding an international dimension to children’s education ensures that they are truly global citizens and helps prepare them for successful future careers in an increasingly global economy.’

The award is now available worldwide in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus and Pakistan as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme. Around 5,000 International School Awards have been presented to successful schools in the UK since the scheme began in 1999.

The International School Award encourages and supports schools to develop:
• An international ethos embedded throughout the school
• A majority of pupils within the school impacted by and involved in international work
• Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
• Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects
• Year-round international activity
• Involvement of the wider community

International School Award
British Council | 10 Spring Gardens | London | SW1A 2BN | UK


Well done Sacred Heart on reaccreditation of the International School Award 2013-2016!
Thank you to Mr Bilinkewycz who led us on our international journey!
Here are the assessor’s comments on our Impact Evaluation, to highlight where our application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as we continue to develop the international dimension in our school:

‘You have delivered a wide range of activities which cover many relevant international themes. Clearly, your international work has had a positive impact on your students and their learning. To take this forward, ensure that you record evidence of student progress to demonstrate impact on learning and embed your activities into your curriculum for the long term to ensure sustainability. Keep your collaborative activity active which could use your Project Palestine activities to develop this further with your partners. Your 30 + 6 in France activities should now develop into a language activity to focus on relevant international themes enabling your students to learn about these through another language in addition to acquiring language skills. Well done.
Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as the International Co-ordinator. You are a credit to the school and the wider community.’