About HEART Teaching School Alliance

The greatest single determinant of a child’s success in school is the quality of their teachers. Therefore, Sacred HEART of Jesus & St Joseph Teaching School Alliance is dedicated to developing and forming our staff teams, who then in turn enable our students to flourish…

The self-improving school-led system is at the heart of the government’s vision for education in England. Simply put, this means that schools are being empowered to make decisions about how to improve and to work collaboratively to support each other to do so.

Heart TSA, based within Sacred Heart RC Primary School, has established itself as a centre of best practice, developing an evidence based approach to cross-phase innovation, creativity and pedagogy, working with a variety of schools and partners, including the Diocese of Salford, OLP, University of Cumbria, Comino Network, SEERIH, and EducareM to ensure that we live up to aspiration to ‘inspire a generation…’.

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Mrs Bernadette Furey
Strategic Director of Teaching School

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